Sarah Louise Young
- Porno Queen, welding torch of Erotographie, European Sex Queen - 

To describe a woman who is really indescribable; 
An extraordinary woman, with numerous talents and skills.
baby Sarah Louise Young was born on April 15th 1971 in Sidcup, Kent in England.

Her mother was a seamstress and her father a successful structural engineer. 

Sarah spent her childhood in the protection of her family and grew up with her younger brother in Hampshire, South England. She went to an ordinary school and was an A-student with the ambition of becoming a dentist. 

She was very shy and withdrawn and was scared of cameras that being the main reason why she would never let anyone take pictures of her when she was younger.

At the age of eleven she was already mentally way ahead of her classmates and ashamed of her large breasts. While her friends were interested in pop-groups, she was more interested in men and soon she discovered what effect she had on them. At the early age of 13 she had her first sexual experience with a man, and did not find it very exciting. A year later she began having more sexual experiences and became to like them ever more. When her breasts became bigger and bigger, she became so ashamed that she would only wear large sweatshirts to hide them from the other students. 

In January 1986 she met a man at a bus stop who suggested going to a photo studio to take some trial pictures for the famous page 3 of the Sun Newspaper.

She was surprised because she found herself very unattractive. But Sarah thought that although this would never work, as the camera would only enhance her ugliness, it would be the ideal opportunity to overcome her dislike of cameras. After a talk with her mother to obtain her permission, the photo shoot took place in February 1986.

The response to these pictures was enormous and from there on her work took off and she was invited to join an agency. She herself admits that she is very shy, but when she's in front of a camera all that disappeared and she became a completely different person.

Sarah Young

Upon reaching the age of 18 Sarah faced the next challenge. A friend phoned her and told her about a pornographic photo shoot taking place for PRIVATE magazine in the Costa de Sol. Sarah was in two minds whether to go because on the one hand the reports in England were all very negative about the porn industry, but on the other the friend was one of the best men's magazine models at the time and she could only tell of how well she was treated. Sarah is very inquisitive by nature and so in the end could not resist but to go and she soon came to the conclusion herself that all of the negative reports and comments about porn had no truth in them at all. 

Sarah decided to pose for more porn-photo's with the famous photographer Claus Alvin Vogel from Hamburg. The fans from Copenhagen were able to admire these pictures in the famous magazine Color Climax. 

Even at this stage, nobody in narrow-minded England ever thought Sarah Louise Young would become the most accepted export-product in the erotic business. 

In March 1989 her agent visited the hardcore-tycoon Hans Moser alias Sascha Alexander in Hanover at VTO in Germany, a man who has made the hardcore business what it is today. At that time he discovered and founded the most important business in hard-core. He founded, created and dominated a business which in 1988 formed a unique kind of media-center.

Hans Moser had been married to Teresa Orlowski since 1982, whom he had made more famously known as 'Foxy Lady'. 

Hans Moser

Sarah's agent came to Hans Moser to make some bookings for his models. When he showed Hans the pictures of his girls he replied that there was nothing of his interest except this girl he said, "what's her name?" 

"Sarah Louise Young" the agent replied. Hans took another look at the picture and his fantasies began to flow so he booked the girl for the next VTO-Production. From the pictures Hans had immediately spotted the possibilities of this girl just as he had done in 1981 when he had plucked the photo's of Teresa Orlowski from another agent.

For four years he had been looking for another 'Foxy Lady', and had seen hundreds of pictures of girls until he discovered that of Sarah Young.

However a few days later the production assistant Claudia informed Hans that the appointment with Sarah had been cancelled due to illness. Hans was very disappointed, finally he had discovered the new 'Foxy Lady' and the appointment was called off. By this time both the personal and business relationship between Hans and Teresa was going down hill rapidly and Teresa was becoming very restless and agitated. She simply couldn't handle the pressure's of the business anymore, as Teresa apart from being the star-model was also responsible for the accounts of the business. So Hans decided that she did not have to star in films anymore, as she only upset the production's. 

Ever increasingly Hans began to dream of making Sarah Young his new star. However at first this was not possible as fate had something else in store for them.

At the end of August 1989 Teresa (who at the time was sleeping with anyone of any use to her) took both Hans' business and money from him with the help of some crooked accomplices (which included both bankers and lawyers). 

For three weeks Hans wanted to destroy everything around him, as his life's work had been practically destroyed before his very own eyes. However luckily his brother Siegfried, his longtime companion and trustee was there to stop him. Hans was left in the gutter like a 'clochard under a bridge in Paris' as quoted in Hot Video magazine (France) at the time. 

Then Hans recalled Sarah and phoned her agent in London telling him that Sarah had to come to Germany so as he could make her into Europe's latest porn star.

However Sarah's agent declined, as he wrongly believed that Sarah would not want to leave England. Hans was devastated. 

However all was not lost. Two weeks later Sarah's agent called Hans in Hanover and told him that he had met Sarah at a photo-shoot, "Imagine, I told Sarah about you and how I refused your offer and do you know what she said?" "Are you crazy Bill, of course I'll go."

Hans at work

At the time Sarah had never even heard of Hans Moser, but Bill was quick to tell her of his reputation and then showed her a couple of Hans' magazine's. Sarah was very impressed with the style and quality, but at the time she was becoming very tired of modeling, as she felt she was becoming brain dead for lack of its use and she needed more of a challenge. Bill her agent was also reluctant to let Sarah go because she had just turned eighteen, meaning there would be a lot of new markets open to her with age restrictions such as America, France and Asia. So Sarah asked that if she took the job would she have the opportunity to work behind the cameras as well and Hans' reply was "Of course I'll expect you to!" 

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